Whatever your interests, Albany will not disappoint.



Albany boasts an abundance of beautiful beaches. There are beaches for swimming, surfing, snorkelling, FWD-ing, fishing and boating just to name a few water sports.

My favourite beaches include Misery Beach (crowned best beach in Australia 2022), Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, Little Beach – simply stunning crystal blue water and white sand, Gull Rock, Two Peoples Bay, Whaling Cove, Blossoms Beach, Peaceful Bay, Middleton Beach, Goode Beach, Waterfall Beach, Frenchman’s Bay – the HMAS Perth dive wreck is great for exploring!

Looking for the best beach on the day – easy, just use the ‘Beaches of Kinjarling’ app. Shelter ratings updated every 15 minutes!


National Parks and Wildlife

And don’t forget our beautiful natural parks and wildlife. Albany is the best base to explore the stunning scenes of the Great Southern AND the Southwest regions.

Our favourites spots include: Peaceful Bay and Rame Head/Soft Beach, Cheynes Beach, Bettys Bay, Cosy Corner, Boat Harbour, Nannarup Beach, Long Point, Banksia Camp, The Porongurup’s and Stirling Ranges. There is absolutely no shortage of amazing things to see.

If you’re looking for a hike or even relaxed walk amongst nature try: Ellen Cove Boardwalk, Mt Romance, Mt Clarence, Bald Head, Castle Rock, and especially Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges – where you can see snow in the winter time!

The Gap and Natural Bridge in the Torndirrup National Park offers breathtaking views on a cliffside 40 metres above water with massive waves and swell. Nearby is The Blowholes which we absolutely recommend. Albany Wind Farm also is a stunning landscape to visit. And the Kalgan River Cruise is a great experience.

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk (near Peaceful Bay) is a must see. The massive Tingle Trees (that grow nowhere else in the world) tower over you as you walk through the canopy on elevated platforms. You might even see a Quokka! And while you’re there, head to the Marron Tale for a delicious lunch. Marron is a rare native freshwater crayfish, and this seafood delicacy is a must while you are in Albany.

Whale watching – from June to October, Humpback and Southern Right Whales shelter in the waters of King George Sound, using this spot for their first real rest since leaving antarctica before making their way to the warmer Kimberley waters. There are spots all over Albany to sight whales from, and it’s amazing to capture a view these giants in their natural environment. Check out the Australian Wildlife Park or the Denmark Alpaca Farm to see our other wildlife.

Wildflowers create a colourful display when they bloom between September and December. Known as a flora diversity hotspot you will see rare orchids, carnivorous plants, colourful ground covers and mountainous shrubs. Popular viewing spots include Point Possession Trail, Mutton Bird Beach, Two Peoples Bay, Porongurup Ranges and The Stirling Ranges.



History buffs will feel right at home too!

Fisherman’s Rest is a 10 minute drive from the National Anzac Centre with excellent multimedia installations to provide realism and depth to the exhibitions, and a beautiful cliff located restaurant with stunning ocean views. In fact, this piece of land was where the Anzac troops sailed off from!

The old Gaol, Brig Amity Wreck Replica, Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, and Mt Clarence memorial are all must sees also!

Plus, Albany’s Historic Whaling Station – Whaling is a huge part of Albany’s history, and the whaling station is the only experience of it’s kind in the world!



The region surrounding Albany is famous for its culinary delicacies and wines!

We have mentioned Marron – an endemic freshwater crayfish that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s a sweet tasting fresh flavour that is incomparable to anything you’ve had before. Head to the Marron Tale for a try!

The Handasyde Strawberry farm is a great family experience. Our other favourites include: the Great Southern Distilling Company, Oranje Tractor, Wilson Brewing Co., Boston Brewing Co., Garrison, Monty’s Leap, the Dam and so much more.

On top of this, the best wineries include: The Valley of the Giants Olives and Wines, West Cape Howe, Forrest Hill, Castelli Estate, Wignalls Winery, Limeburners Distillery, Black Pig Cider Company, Alkoomi Wines, Ducketts Mill… the list goes on!